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Sunday, June 19, 2011


So my whole life i have been a believer in god. But once i hit highschool i really looked at him differently. I can now say i am a true chrstian and i love having god in my life! Whenever i am going through a hard time i always remember everything happens for a reason and god will get me through it! The power of prayer and the faith that i have gets me through the hardest times in my life! I dont know what i would do with out god. <3

Friday, June 17, 2011


Thank god for music! It is pretty much the only thing that gets me by in life. when i can listen to music that relates to my life or a certain situation it makes me feel a lot better about things. Inspirational music is the best! When i feel crappy or just sad or angry i listen to music that can lift me up and put me into a better mood. I found this one song that has deffinitley made an impact on me. "What faith can do" by Kutless. This song reminds me that if i just have faith in life and whatever i do, i can do it! It is a really great song (:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gotta love it...

Gotta love life when it comes along with a side of bullshit!! Goshhhh. sometimes i really feel like screaming soooo loud or even running. I want to run away from everything and just keep going and dont look back. I know life wont always be like this but for the longest time it has been quite the same or worsee. I hate the feeling of my head about to expload from all the stress and anger! I have found that running in fact helps a lot for me. I went for a run yesterday for about a good hour. I am deffinatley feeling it today but ohh well, it was worth it in the long run... :p haha. Damn i just cant wait till all this stuff is overrr! Finals, Moving, Finding a job..It may not seem like much but it is when it has been the same situations for quite some time now. hmmm.. Im staying strong <3

I am a blogger now...

Soo..i wasnt quite sure what blogging was until now. I feel blogging is a good way to get things off of your mind. I am gonna try it and see how it goes. I never really understood the whole "blogging" thing but what the heck i will give it a try. (: This could be fun or boring...I will let this be my chance to see if i become a blogger myself or not.